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Assembly Day

Kokoon WP

After one month of intensive work during which more than half of the team’s members left Finland for their respective home countries, it was at last time for the transportation and the assembly of the project.

A crane truck came to pick up the three units in Otaniemi and to transport them to Helsinki city center. The project’s final site was to be the yard of the Museum of Finnish Architecture. Due to spatial constraints in this urban space the trucks could however not access the space directly. This led to a very impressive situation, where each of the units had to be lifted by crane over the 10m high trees which surround the site.

Guided by ropes fixed to two of its corners, the first unit was lowered onto foundations that had been prepared in advance. The second unit was promptly added. A layer of too thick sealing material, however, didn’t allow the structure to interlock as planned. Luckily, the problem could be solved right away. After a short lunch break the last unit came on top to complete the building. The end of the day was marked by the installation of the ramp and terrace in front of the entrance door.

And suddenly the project had taken shape, the interior made sense and the rendering we had had in our minds for months became reality. The precise work of the whole Wood Program team had been rewarded by an almost problem-free and very fast stacking process.