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'Kokoon' is a design- and construction project by the Wood Program Studio 2015-16
at Aalto University School of Arts Design and Architecture.

The project takes its departure from the current housing situation in Finland, with shortage of temporary housing for asylum seekers, students and families whose homes are undergoing necessary renovation. For application in urban and sub-urban context, the project is a system of pre-fabricated and transportable housing modules, for stacking into a larger configuration of living units. According to the site and needs, the flexibility of the project can propose a large rank of configurations, where only stacking and furnishing happen on site.


Three of these modular units have been built at full scale by the Wood Program Studio, to form a tower that demonstrates the system of the project. 

Design started in January 2016 and construction began in April 2016. The project was completed in early July 2016 and is now exhibited in the yard of the Architecture and Design museums in Helsinki city center.  It can be freely visited during the opening hours of the Museum of Finnish Archiecture.