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Wood Program Special Project 2016


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Wood Program Special Project 2016

Kokoon WP

'Kokoon' is the construction project of the Wood Program Studio 2015-2016 at Aalto University of Design Arts and Architecture

Every year, the Wood Program Studio builds a structure in wood at 1:1 scale, exploring the potential and innovation of wood in construction and architecture. Previous years include pavillions, saunas, housing prototypes and shelters.

This year's project theme derives from social and political challenges in Finland, with a focus on the shortage of temporary housing for assylum seekers, students and people whose homes undergo renovation. The design is a system of transportable and re-assemblable housing modules built primarilly from timber, for urban application in openings within a city fabric.

The sketch design is a result of an internal design competition within the studio, where Käbi Noodapera Ramel's 'Courtyard Living' project was selected. The design will be developed and built by the studio, to be exhibited at the end of May 2016 by the Museum of Finnish Architecture in Helsinki.